Epiphany to Lent 2020 

Join us for worship as we move from the Christmas season, celebrating the birth of Christ and the coming of the “light which enlightens all things,” moving on toward the season of Lent. 

January 5, 2020 – Epiphany Sunday – Wayne Nitzsche, preaching. “He came down” We will celebrate communion – where ALL are invited to the table of our Lord. 

January 12 – Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday – Wayne Nitzsche, preaching. We will celebrate the Anabaptist world wide community. Text: Mark 2:1-12 – We will consider how we might be a part of the crowd that keeps people from coming to Jesus.                  

January 19th  – We will be worshiping with Trinity Lutheran Church on 5th Street, in their 10:30 service. This joint service will honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. Our worship will reflect on “the beloved community.” NO WORSHIP AT OUR LOCATION

January 26 – “Do you see this woman? Vulnerability and Strength” – Jessica Miller, preaching. This will begin a five week focus on women in the Bible and work toward undoing patriarchy and moving toward right relationships. 

February 2 – “Do you see this woman? Acknowledging our pain.” Wayne Nitzsche, preaching. In order to address systems of oppression, we must face them honestly. While this will be a difficult text, the rape of Tamar, we will face this story with courage, knowing that their is healing and hope for all people through the love of Christ.

February 9 -“Do you see this woman? Finding our way toward healing” Wayne Nitzsche, preaching

February 16 – “Do you see this woman? Righting relationships, becoming ourselves.” Carol Wise, preaching. Carol is the Executive Director of Brethern Mennonite Council, for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender interests. Read about Carol and BMC at:  https://www.bmclgbt.org/staff

February 23 – “Do you see this woman? Listening for the voice of Wisdom” – Jessica Miller, preaching. 

March 1 – First Sunday in Lent – Wayne Nitzsche, preaching 

What can I expect when I come to visit?

You might wonder what to expect when coming to a worship service at our church. These Questions and Answers may help you feel more comfortable so you can enter into the worship of God.

Q – What happens when someone visits for the first time?

A – You will be warmly and personally greeted. We will not introduce you during the service so as not to put you on the spot. We’d like you to sign our guest book so we can be in touch with you.

Q – What should I wear?

A – Most persons are dressed in casual clothes. Jeans and shorts are OK, as are ties and skirts. The majority of persons are somewhere in the middle.

Q – What’s your worship service like?

A – You might say we are “structured yet casual”. You can count on a Biblical emphasis, a lot of congregational participation, and relevant themes. We work hard at being “visitor-friendly” when matters pertaining to the Mennonite church are introduced. We love to sing. Preaching is centered in scripture. We have a time for sharing and we provide a coffee time following the service.

Q – Do I have to be a Mennonite to visit, or become involved at Perkasie Mennonite Church?

A – Not at all. Some of us are not life-long Mennonites, some of us are. It doesn’t matter. You can read more about our history.

Q – How do you follow up with visitors?

A – We will contact you to thank you for visiting. After that, we’ll take our cues from you. We neither want to smother you with unwanted attention, nor ignore you.

After you worship with us we’d love to hear from you. Let us know about your experience. We learn and grow through experience.