Jesus Christ was put to death on a cross and rose from the dead in order that people could live in union with God. Mennonites believe that the life and teachings of Jesus guide our daily living. They believe that the church should keep Christ’s life and ministry alive in the world.

pmc5051.jpgThe Church

Mennonites believe that the church is made of people whose sins have been forgiven and who choose to follow Christ’s teachings. Mennonites believe that Christians should try to relate to each other and the world in the same loving, forgiving way that Jesus practiced. Taking part in a regular worship service enables Christians to respond to God with praise and thanks, and to live for Jesus through the week.

The Bible is key

The church tries to live in obedience to the Word of God — the Bible. Mennonites believe that God’s spirit, or “Holy Spirit,” helps the community of believers understand that Word. The life and teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Bible help in interpreting the meaning of the “Old Testament” part of the Bible.

New life

Because we are human beings, we all sin: we commit wrongs, we break relationships, we’re out of touch with God. God sent Jesus Christ to the world so that all those who believe in Jesus Christ could receive forgiveness and restore broken relationships. Christians also enjoy a more whole life today and the promise of living forever with God.

Open to all

Jesus sends the church to bring good news to all persons throughout the world. The Mennonite Church is open to everyone who wants to follow the teachings of Jesus.

What baptism means

Mennonites practice believer’s baptism which symbolizes an adult making a public commitment to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. In baptism, the believer shows willingness to share the good news about Jesus by words and actions.

Helping each other

Jesus wants his followers to help each other. Mennonites feel that Christians need each other for encouragement and growth, for confronting one another in a supportive way, and for help in time of crisis. Mennonites believe it’s important to be concerned for both the spiritual and physical aspects of life.

Living peacefully

As disciples of Jesus, Mennonites try to live under Christ’s rule. For many this means loving the enemy and refusing to use violence or participate in military service, living peaceably with others at all levels, serving the poor and needy, and taking risks to work actively for justice and mercy.