Send Jumpee to Thailand

Jumpee Aimsain-Orzel left her homeland of Thailand over fifty years ago and has not been back since. We can’t imagine not “going home” to see family and friends or even fathom how much would have changed in fifty plus years. Jumpee has recently reconnected with a niece in Thailand and has learned of the death of a number of family members. This has been a hard and painful struggle, and she longs to go back to bring closure and rekindle a relationship with her niece and her homeland. When we approached Jumpee and Steve with the idea of establishing a fund to send Jumpee back for a visit, they were overjoyed and enthusiastic about the idea.  This fund has closed as of 04/16/2023.  Thanks so much for your faithful donations!

Jumpee with her niece online
Jumpee on a recent video call with her niece in Thailand.