Lois and Will Alderfer share their SOOP Phoenix service experience.

Sunday Worship – 9:30 – 10:30

Season of Pentecost – June 2018

During the month of June we continue to meet in our Worship Room and then in July and August we will relocate to our Fellowship Hall for more informal worship. That space is also air conditioned, which may feel good in July/August!

Our worship themes for the month of June follow the Revised Common Lectionary. Gospel texts are drawn from the gospel of Mark. There we encounter the surprising, yes even shocking events surrounding Jesus’ ministry, and we engage his teaching on the “kingdom of God.” You are welcome to join us!

Pentecost 2 – June 2 – Libby Smith, preaching

Focus Statement: Sometimes we feel irreparably fragmented and broken. But the pieces of our imperfect lives can still create patterns of beauty as we live into the selves we are meant to be,  held in the wholeness of God’s grace.

Texts: Psalm 31:1-18 (Psalms for Praying) Matthew 5:43-48

Sermon Title: “Imperfectly Perfect”

Pentecost 3 – June 10 – Wayne Nitzsche, preaching 

Focus Statement: Launching out on his mission into the world, Jesus had trouble with his family. In response, he told them that he had come to form a new family. As the church, we have been made members of Christ’s new family, initiated into a body where we are no longer strangers, but have become kin.

Texts: Psalm 130; Mark 3:20-35

Sermon Title: “Family”

Pentecost 4 – June 17  – Wayne Nitzsche, preaching 

Focus Statement: In God’s promised kingdom, even small human actions, even a few human words, can be used by God in God’s continuing reclamation of God’s world. Though we do not always understand how, God works behind the scenes to accomplish God’s purposes for humanity. Part of the good news of Jesus Christ is that the fate of the world is not left solely up to us. God acts, taking the seeds of our words and deeds and enabling them to take root and to produce fruit.

Texts: Psalm 20; Mark 4: 26-34

Pentecost 4 – June 24 – Jessica Miller, preaching 

During July and August 

“The Stories that Shaped Us” – Anyone from the congregation is asked to submit a biblical story that has shaped them. That shaping may have been in formative, positive ways, or it in ways that caused harm and needed to be re-interpreted for our growth in faith. We hope to engage those stories, the stories of those who present them, and reflect on how our own life/faith is impacted by the stories, both individually and as a congregation. 





What can I expect when I come to visit?

You might wonder what to expect when coming to a worship service at our church. These Questions and Answers may help you feel more comfortable so you can enter into the worship of God.

Q – What happens when someone visits for the first time?

A – You will be warmly and personally greeted. We will not introduce you during the service so as not to put you on the spot. We’d like you to sign our guest book so we can be in touch with you.

Q – What should I wear?

A – Most persons are dressed in casual clothes. Jeans and shorts are OK, as are ties and skirts. The majority of persons are somewhere in the middle.

Q – What’s your worship service like?

A – You might say we are “structured yet casual”. You can count on a Biblical emphasis, a lot of congregational participation, and relevant themes. We work hard at being “visitor-friendly” when matters pertaining to the Mennonite church are introduced. We love to sing. Preaching is centered in scripture. We have a time for sharing and we provide a coffee time following the service.

Q – Do I have to be a Mennonite to visit, or become involved at Perkasie Mennonite Church?

A – Not at all. Some of us are not life-long Mennonites, some of us are. It doesn’t matter. You can read more about our history.

Q – How do you follow up with visitors?

A – We will contact you to thank you for visiting. After that, we’ll take our cues from you. We neither want to smother you with unwanted attention, nor ignore you.

After you worship with us we’d love to hear from you. Let us know about your experience. We learn and grow through experience.